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Innovative technology. Sustainable development. Affordable design.


Verdant Vision provides expert advice for low-cost, low-carbon technology development and application.

Andrew Simpson
Managing Director and Founder
Email: andrew (at)


Dr Andrew Simpson founded Verdant Vision in 2011 to meet the demand for trusted, expert advice in the planning of renewable electric transport solutions.  Andrew has 15 years of direct experience in this area, including work for the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Tesla Motors Inc from 2005-2008.  Since 2009 Andrew has worked primarily as a consultant to clients across the Australian electric vehicle sector, and he is in high demand as a guest speaker on renewable transport topics.


Andrew’s expertise is recognised by his invited participation in committees for the Federal Government Alternative Fuels Strategy, the Standards Australia EV Technical Committee, the Victorian EV Trial, the South Australian Low Emission Vehicle Strategy, the Western Australian Strategic Energy Initiative, the AutoCRC EV Reference Group and the Australian EV Alliance.  Andrew has also provided invited expert testimony to the California Air Resources Board and the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, and is a former member of EV technical committees for the US Department of Transportation and Society of Automotive Engineers, International.


Andrew is also an Adjunct Research Fellow of the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy, and a Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers.
Alina Dini
Principal Consultant
Email: alina (at)

Dr Alina Dini is captivated by renewable energy innovation and how it can build long term financial and climate resilience.  

A thoughtful communicator, a strategic consultant, and a skilled collaborator, Alina is renowned for leading visionary discussions about the future, delivering meaningful outcomes, and keeping customers happy.

Alina’s noteworthy accomplishments include launching Tesla’s $2B credit trading program and through her PhD research, advising the Australian Government of the value of the purchase experience for early electric vehicle consumers.  Her global experience advising governing bodies on sustainability, brokering multi-million dollar national energy programs with large corporations, and leading a team to introduce landmark policies, means she is adept at guiding businesses, governments and groups of individuals  to incorporate seamlessly clean energy innovations in their daily operations.

Alina’s experiences working alongside some of the world’s leading energy innovators - including Tesla founders and Australia’s first Renewable Energy Commissioner – have cultivated her entrepreneurial approach to doing business.  Her unique ability to negotiate successful outcomes with senior leaders aids her in opening minds to pathways for problem-solving, normalizing complex new products, and growing the marketplace for technologies that use resources more efficiently

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