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We specialize in all aspects of clean technology development.


Whether you are a company looking to diversify its product offerings, a large government looking to improve your sustainability credentials or, a small business looking to release a new commercial offering, we can help you.  

Technology Commercialisation

We undestand the challenges associated with bringing new products to market.  


Verdant Vision has experiene working with start-ups looking to get a foot-hold in the market, larger companies seeking to expand their business offering.

Sustainable Design & Development

New developments - whether brownfield or greenfield sites - are excellent pathways for introducing new technologies that can help with branding, future-proofing and reducing long-term costs.  


Our specialties include smart cities, transit oriented developments (TODs) and employing permaculture design principles.

Communications, Marketing & Community Engagement

Strategic communications and community engagement are core business for us.  


We understand the messages required to attract attention and can help with your public events, web content, marketing materials or media engagement.

Environmental Modeling and Analysis

The core of sustainable devleopment is to minimize carbon emissions and use of resources.  


Our in-house tools help to assess the impact of your product or project, and how to make plans to reduce impact to the environment.

Engineering & Product Design

Often an idea requires the touch of expert engineers to realize its potential.


Verdant Vision is experienced both in supporting design of new products, as well as helping to shape existing products to make them more saleable. 

Policy & Strategy Development

Working with governments, utilities and NGOs to develop sound, evidence-based and effective policy is a speciality of ours.  


We provide clients with short term, easily-implemented solutions as well as a vision to strive to for the future.

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