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Why energy storage already makes sense in Australia

Giles Parkinson -  Reneweconomy-  October 2014

Energy storage is already making financial sense in the Australian market, and it won’t be long until battery storage solutions become a compelling investment for households as well as business customers and network operators.

Andrew Simpson, the head of Brisbane-based consultancy Verdant Vision, and a former battery engineer at electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors in the US, says battery storage has long been a “no-brainer” for off-grid applications.


Electric car technology ready and price is right

Hamish Broome -  The Northern Star -  October 2014


THE ELECTRIC car has been talked about for ages but fans say it's time has finally come.

Engineer and electric vehicle expert Dr Andrew Simpson, whose career has included stints at Tesla and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, says the EV is at a "tipping point".


"It does stack up financially now," he said.


"The technology is ready and it's the right price.


Range anxiety and the future of the car industry

Stan Correy - ABC News Australia - February 2012


How far and how fast can electric cars go?


That’s what most buyers want to know as the big car-makers talk up battery power and zero emissions. The electric vehicle's advance is confronted by ‘range anxiety’ as well as leaner, meaner combustion engines, while in the US and Australia public debate about the future of the car industry is caught in the old politics of subsidies and jobs. China, of course, is now the world’s biggest market for electric cars. 

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